KBS bread machine – Pro Tips recipe bread machine

The taste of homemade bread is unbeatable, and the KBS digital bread machine gives you perfect results every time. The mixing, proving, and baking take place within this easy-to-use unit, without the preservatives you typically find in store-bought breads.  

KBS Large 17-in-1 Bread Machine

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Gluten-Free option

There's something for everyone with 17 automatic programs including a gluten-free option simply add your ingredients select a program and let the machine do all the difficult work for you all the programs are accessible from touch controls.

The LCD display every detail is catered for with the KBS bread machine maker can bake loaves in three different sizes there's 500 grams 750 grams and one kilogram.

Bread cook length

If you prefer light, medium, or dark crusts, this bread maker's adjustable crust control will meet your needs. The automatic dispenser in the bread maker adds fruits, nuts, and dry ingredients at the perfect time during the cooking process.  

Try out whole meal seeded granary buns rolls and much more. A measuring cup and spoon help you to accurately measure and pour your ingredients directly into the tin. 

Delayed options

The useful glass window provides a clear view of your loaf baking to perfection there's a 15 hour delay function so you can time your loaf to be ready exactly when you want it to be.

Even if you cannot get to your loaf right away, the 60 minute keep warm function will keep it fresh and warm for a short time longer. The KBS bread machine has been delivering quality and design for over a century. 


That's why this bread maker has the fantastic three year guarantee. If you would like to make your own delicious homemade bread, the KBS bread machine gluten free digital bread maker is for you. It produces an excellent loaf that is evenly and well risen and has a nice dome top and open texture.

Furthermore, the loaf has increased in size and baking it on a lower setting will result in an open pale texture, whereas baking it on a higher setting will result in a tough crust.

Last advices

It means that the loaf rises too early and then sinks adding too little water might mean that the ingredients aren't mixed properly. In this case you might get a texture that is uneven and dense. Too much water might result in a texture that is too open and airy. Use a flour with a high protein content and add Miller's recommended amount of water.