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I'm a barista at third rail coffee right by Washington Square Park in New York City I'm going to teach you some latte machiatto basic coffee-making skills.

All right now I'm going to show you how to make a latte macchiato this is one of my favorite espresso drinks what it is is just a shot of espresso with a little bit of foam on top in Italian macchiato means marked so it's literally just marked with the Dalton phone.

However, in North America and another growing coffee traditions people have used a little bit more milk like a 1 to 2 ounces instead of just the traditional dollop of foam on top so I'm going to show you something that's halfway in between there which is how I like it.

Just a shot of espresso and then maybe an ounce of foamy milk so I'm gonna start off fooling the shot steaming the milk and then pour.

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So we have our nice foamy milk and the shot of espresso now since this is a small drink what I like to do is stir the shot a little bit this way it incorporates all the flavors throughout it and when you take your first sip you don't get a bitter first impression.

This is also sort of my personal preference for macchiato many people won't do that but I definitely recommend trying it out if you're getting a bitter ring right around the first set so then we have our foamy milk and then you're just gonna pour in it's just gonna be about an ounce a half. All right that is a macchiato! Hope you enjoy it!

latte macchiato

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