The Ultimate Espresso Affogato

Espresso affogato that is ice cream with a shot of espresso poured on top because I have some issues with espresso I forgot oh but I'm going to fix those issues well one of them anyway because I kind of have a beef with the name the espresso isn't drowning the ice cream is drowning why is it not gelato.

I forgot that's beside the point the real problem I have with espresso I forgot oh is that it's disappointing I'm not saying it's not good I'm not saying you haven't enjoyed them but typically they are less than the sum of their parts I love ice cream I love espresso but together it's often a little bit so this led me to a journey into ice cream I wanted to understand why it wasn't good and how then to make the ultimate espresso affogato the first thing I needed to do was make a lot of ice cream so I head up the lovely people at Sage and asked to borrow an ice cream machine and they very kindly sent me one over so thank you to them they're not sponsoring they're just they just lent me this and sadly I have to give it back and I decided to answer some flavor .

I wanted to really answer two separate questions is vanilla good or bad and then eggs because eggs are a tricky thing right if you've had brunch and you had like a nice poached egg and you cut into it and you're eating that egg and then you drink some coffee you'll notice your coffee tastes kind of weird eggs definitely mess with the taste of coffee but eggs are really common in ice cream they do wonders to kind of improve its texture as well as its flavor in many cases so I wanted to assess where eggs good or bad so to achieve this I made three different ice creams.

I made a milk ice cream a few DeLaughter I made an egg free vanilla ice cream and then I made a frozen custard something super heavy on the egg yolks so for the fuel de latte I turned to Stella Parkes aka brave tart because she's just a go-to for anything sweet online and this was a pretty simple milk forward recipe 35 grams of cornstarch to 265 grams of sugar 2 and 1/2 grams of salt 25 grams of heavy or double cream 565 grams of milk now the idea is pretty simple you're gonna take a portion of that cream and and whisk it with the sugar and the cornstarch together to create a sort of thick and hydrated cornstarch you have to heat the milk pretty hard to do that which means that you would destroy some of the flavor of that milk which is why you only heat a portion and then you add back in fresh cream fresh milk.

You then churn the egg free vanilla ice cream I took from my friends at chefsteps because they always do a great job with super precise recipes 0.4 grams of locust bean gum 0.4 grams of xanthan gum point 1 grams of carrageenan we took 120 grams of sugar 50 grams of skim milk powder 550 grams of milk 165 grams of heavy cream and 8 grams of vanilla bean pop which is a lot the technique here is pretty simple you combine your dry ingredients together you whisk it into your liquid ingredients this you then bag up and cook sous-vide it in 95 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes after cooking blend it with some vanilla beans and then you chill it down in an ice bath before you then churn it into ice cream the frozen custard again came from chefsteps it's a super simple recipe 225 grams of sugar 650 grams of milk 200 grams of egg yolks a hundred and 50 grams of heavy or double cream 45 grams of skim milk powder 5 grams of salt 10 grams of vanilla extract here you just mix it all together and then you cook it sous-vide at one of two temperatures.

I chose to cook it a little bit lower at 65 C for an hour because I was more concerned about taste than I was about texture at this point and you chill it down turn it into ice cream and so we had three different ice creams and this is a really good place to be in your life we then did a taste comparison we took members of the team at square mile and we gave them a forget Oz and we asked them to say which of those three they preferred the taste of this wasn't about texture it wasn't about sweetness this was about favor which ice cream worked the best with the coffee now the results of this were super interesting and it did confirm some suspicions I had held in last place was the frozen custard it turns out that eggs do deed mess a little bit with the taste of the coffee it's it's hard to describe but it definitely mutes or blunts aspects of the espressos taste in a way that no one really liked now when it came to the other two these were both popular one was popular for having a lovely clean milk taste but was a little bland and as it got a little bit closer to melting that cornstarch gave it a kind of gummy texture now the chefsteps ice cream was really good.

Again not without some issues eight grams of vanilla bean pulp is not only wildly expensive to do but it's actually just way too much vanilla taste in addition the fact that all of the dairy had been held at a high temperature gave it that kind of cook to milk taste that I don't really like no one should really like especially if you spend time being a barista and a kind of allergic to the smell of overheated milk what I did like about it was the texture was good the sweetness was nearly there it was close so it left me feeling that there had to be a kind of hybrid way I wanted that kind of milk flavor from the fuel de latte and I wanted some vanilla but less you want to feel like you're eating ice cream and vanilla just triggers that part of your brain that says I'm eating delicious ice cream, so I kind of created a hybrid version of the recipe I used the thickening agents from the chef tips recipe but I took the technique from Stila.

So I took a portion of the milk in the cream and I heated it up with the sugar and the gums and gelling agents you want to take it up to the point where it's just about boiling and hold it there until you see it thicken and you'll see a textural change and then I would cool that down whip in the milk powder that's quite a hard work to get it to dissolve but I didn't want to cook it and then the fresh milk and cream and then I added the vanilla I had a small amount of pulp about one vanilla beans worth about a gram and then about five grams of vanilla bean paste now when you churn this all up you end up with an ice cream that goes so well with espresso but it didn't mean we were done with testing so if you want the for ice cream recipe with all the measurements and the step by steps well I created a page on my website a website that I built thanks to the sponsor of today's video which is Squarespace I love building websites with Squarespace because it's so quick and it's so easy I can go from idea to something beautiful online in quickest possible time they've got a huge range of templates to choose from that it easily customized to how you want it to look it's really easy to take a template that you like and turn it into something that's truly yours their editor makes it very easy to get an idea from your head onto the page so so quickly beyond that there's no need to worry about upgrading plugins or patching things it's stress free it's worryfree.

If you want a website or a domain you can use my link in the description down below it will give you a discount code for 10% off your purchase with Squarespace thanks to them for watching this video let's get back to the ice cream one of the things we wanted to test was the right ratio between ice cream and espresso now this is presuming you're doing a smart thing which is making sure that your cups are freezing cold essential to make this all work and in testing about 50 grams of ice cream worked really beautifully with a single shot of espresso there was one more thing that I really wanted to look at though when you add your espresso should that espresso be hot or should it be cooled chilled cold we ran some tests it turns out that the best result comes from pulling the shot hot onto the ice cream directly now the ice cream and the cup itself chill out espresso very quickly but there is just enough melting of ice cream that that espresso gets diluted by sweet creamy delicious ice cream and the first bite to the last until you're scraping out every last drop from the bottom of that cup it's all delicious.

If you really want to mess with your espresso I would perhaps on the side of our more ristretto shot than more of a longer shot chilling it down will enhance any mild bitterness in the shot whereas that little bit of sugar will mitigate any slight imbalance in acidity so you can go just a little bit shorter on your shots if you want to I mean I still want a two-to-one ratio in my espresso I just want the espresso to taste as good as it can but if you want to play it that's how you can play [Music] so Cheers that is very good that is coffee first and then there's nice little pop of vanilla it's like a dominant vanilla note but it finishes this really kind of milky lovely finish which you need good milk like there's no point doing this recipe if you're not using a really good milk but if you're making coffee you should be using really good milk anyway so shout out to nor the M dairy down in Kent they do a great job that copy is just like a little bit sweet a little bit creamy the cold cup definitely helps bring the temperature down without melting too much ice cream that's really good that's really good mmm you should try this you really should try this this is very good .

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